Inaugurated November 1, 2016, the Circle of 100 represents the Founding Members of 100 who committed to donating $100.00 per month.  You, too can become one of the 100 Founding Members. It is through sustainable giving such as yours that we can begin to serve, through an assigned CASA volunteer, the foster children on our Wait List.  Our Wait List comprises abused and neglected children who have been removed from their birth homes and have been assigned a CASA volunteer through the Dependency Court; yet we don’t have any volunteers available.

Last year it cost CASA of Siskiyou County $2,346 to serve each child.  Your perpetual giving will underwrite a significant portion of the $65,688 necessary to serve the 28 foster children who are currently waiting for a life force that will help establish some stability in an otherwise tumultuous existence.

Your funds will support recruiting and extensively training the 28 volunteers who will in turn serve these Wait List children.